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Vhoenix Amazonian August by MooshikieFoxy00
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Vhoenix Amazonian August :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 37 22
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The Corro-Sid by MooshikieFoxy00
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The Corro-Sid :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 41 27
Sister Stacker by MooshikieFoxy00
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Sister Stacker :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 40 24
Gremlin SLUT by MooshikieFoxy00
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Helga Pataki by MooshikieFoxy00
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Helga Pataki :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 38 15
The wisher by MooshikieFoxy00
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The wisher :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 27 16
Widows Song by MooshikieFoxy00
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Widows Song :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 54 19
Viviper Goldensnare by MooshikieFoxy00
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Viviper Goldensnare :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 27 18
Hoeaki by MooshikieFoxy00
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Hoeaki :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 12 17
Sand Jhester by MooshikieFoxy00
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Sand Jhester :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 43 19
IIsuva Morgue by MooshikieFoxy00
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IIsuva Morgue :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 25 12
The black stewardess by MooshikieFoxy00
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The black stewardess :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 29 15
Onicoww by MooshikieFoxy00
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Onicoww :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 37 11
Divine Purple Oni by MooshikieFoxy00
Mature content
Divine Purple Oni :iconmooshikiefoxy00:MooshikieFoxy00 29 13


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Corrupted Nelf [1/2] by Midnight-maid
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Corrupted Nelf [1/2] :iconmidnight-maid:Midnight-maid 168 11
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Pink bunny by Midnight-maid
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Vhoenix Amazonian August
this particular Amazonian Clan is usually found in between Brazil and and Mexico. They don’t use weapons because they have the very incredible ability to breathe fire and also catch their entire body on fire. But despite this fearsome ability they’re very much so kind. And very much so gentle they would rather grow beautiful flowers before starting a war
The snoozer
a race that is able to creep into our
dimension. The reasoning for these Intruders coming into our world is to eat. To devour people Wicked people who have good dreams. However the ability to come into our world is not something that is easy for these creatures to do. But they can do it they open portals just by sneezing that’s why they are called the sneezer
When she was living she was Samantha Watterson. It all ended when she went to a party with her friends. Was she has the worst of luck she was dancing with a guy who wants a zombie. And starting to turn into one latched onto her and bit her. However at the same time vampires crash the party and started drinking everyone. Including Samantha when it was all said and done everyone at the party was turn into a ghoul. It’s set for Samantha who stayed dead. So she was taken to the morgue but however she did not reach the morgue she was taken somewhere else. Sold off to a necromancer that took her home with him to turn her into a sex slave. But in the necromancers rushing to get his pants off he forgot to close up the gateway to Hell. So he got pulled down into hell and when Samantha woke up to meet her master there was no one to be found. So she wanders the Earth looking for a master.
The Corro-Sid
You would be smart to heed the words of a sailor. For The Corro-Sid we’ll also nothing but sweet honey words to draw you in close. And offer nothing but love and affection at first however this is nothing but deception when in their arms you are at their Mercy. However the last thing that they will do for you that will be sweet will be you to offer up their body to you. But in the end you will find yourself at the bottom of the ocean dead!
Sister Stacker
One would say that sister stacker was a go-getter quick to improve herself. And also to show that she was a child of God. However the matter of exorcism came to the door of the chapel. And they needed someone to exercise and evil creature in Transylvania. Sister Stacker was the first one to volunteer as quick as she got the job was as quick as she left to go in exercise this evil. She left 3 years ago and no one’s heard from her ever since
Okay guys here's what we're going to do. I'm going to start back doing request but only anime character females. I can do males but they have to be in female form. I can also do fusions as well I look forward to knowing what you guys would like for me to draw. Since a certain character was a great success.
  • Listening to: My Valentine Rose
  • Reading: Whatever books laying around
  • Watching: Porn and not the ones with the skinny chicks
  • Playing: DDR
  • Eating: Strawberry split
  • Drinking: Samuel Jackson


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Shazza Hollowz
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
And the cute little sister of my brother who is also an artist on here. His username is zemoru01. And I'm his little sister


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